Leaving BBQ

Yesterday me and Chloë had our leaving BBQ party. Even if the weather was not the best perhaps, it still gave us a few moments of sun shine, which was very lovely. We decided to make it to a day time thing, which was very nice, as we didn't need to be hangover the day after, haha. 

We meet for a BBQ in our back yard and decided to play Taboo that Aneta bought for me, which was really funny. It is always a lot of laughter when playing taboo. One of the best memories from my time with Google came from Taboo. 

It was also very sad on one note that I was saying bye to this people. But at the same time, we do not live far from each other. It is only a 2 hours flight. But it is different with Chloe. She will move all the way to Australia... But we were talking about meeting in Brighton one day before I leave the country. I hope we will be able to pull it off. Anyway, now I need to stand up and continue with the packing. We have already packed about 10 boxes but when you look at our room, it is almost like nothing is gone. Lord, this gonna take a lot of time...