Have I done a mistake?

Soooo... I have just ordered  'Clip on Veneers' haha. They are called 'Instasmile' and I am not gonna lie I am a little bit ashamed about it, but ey, I felt that it was about time to take some action towards the smile I always wanted.

So I have been having an issue with my teeth's since I was a child. I got my teeth very late, then my baby teeth never wanted to come out and my mum needed to push my dentist to take them out. After they did that I started to have issues with my lower jaw. I had a bad underbite. My dentist said that if I wanted at the age of 17 they would operate my jaw AKA cut it off and push it further back. But as the years went by it looked as my jaw would correct itself and a surgery was not necessary anymore, and I was obviously extremely happy about this as I think that nobody wanna undergo a surgery just because of the fun of it. 

I had my braces put in at the age of 17 (just when my last baby teeth came out. Yeah, it was lovely going to college with missing teeth) and I had it for two years. After the braces came out I was supposed to keep a permanent retainer in the back of my teeth on my upper jaw for the rest of my life. But turns out that my teeth are much stronger than my retainer. 

I had my retainer for a year. It broke at least once a month and it was just not sustainable and my dentist said that they needed to take the retainer off. I was sad but somehow I was optimistic and I thought that it would be alright and I never though that my lower jaw would still give me issues. 

So even if my bite looks 'normal' my lower jaw is still pushing my teeth out from their new position and back to their old. It is almost like a child that has been using their dummy for way too long. My teeth are tilting outwards and this is causing caps in between my teeth which I hate so much. I do not have a bad smile, it is not the worst, but it is still enough that I need to take all my pictures in a specific way not show my gaps and I feel uncomfortable when I see a pic where I did not have time to pose. 

I feel insecure when people look at me and I do not really take selfies anymore. Even looking at my header of this blog I feel uneasy as I can see the gaps in between my teeth's.

I have looked into having braces again but if I do so, the same thing is just gonna happen again and I would need to get the jaw surgery but this time pay for it myself which is at least £15,000, I have also looked into getting permanent veneers. But I do not know how much more my teeth will move. So I found this after looking around the internet and people seem pretty happy. This is also so much cheaper than all the other alternatives. As I do have nice teeth on my lower jaw I only needed to get the upper jaw set.

My options would have been:

Braces and Surgery: from £1500 + £15,000 = £16,500

Permanent Veneers: from £1200

Clip on Veneers: £179

So I choose the cheapest option with the lowest risk. BUT I will not know if I have done a mistake until the final result has arrived in the post.  I will also document this on a vlog which I will upload both here and on youtube. I will also keep you updated here on the blog.