#TBT A day in the French Alps

I think "skiing in the Alps" is, or has been on almost everybody's bucket list. It was definitely on mine. And last November we were able to actually make the dream come through and spent the day in the Alps cross country skiing. We actually wanted to do some down hill and slalom, but as it was not enough snow yet, we needed to settle with the cross-country. But we were more than happy. The day was beautiful, the temperature was also perfect. It was the perfect little break from a lot of hard work.

It was truly amazing to see how happy Stefania was during our day skiing. She was so brave, I could barely believe it! We were skiing up hills for quite some time, and as everytime it is uphill, at one point the downhill will come. And it sure did. Even when I saw it (I am from the North of Sweden so skiing is part of my upbringing) I got nervous. I told them going to try to ski down and then give them a call telling them if they should try or just take off their skis and walk down. As I picked up my phone I can hear her. It's Stefania! Still standing straight up in her skies. You can't believe how surprised but proud I was. haha. 

Such a happy and beautiful day.

Look at those mountain tops! It felt so crazy that we were at the same level as them. It was truly an amazing experience and I hope that I will be able to do it again. But next time I would like to do it with some down hill skies and some better clothings. After all, we had no idea that we were going skiing on this trip so we took what we had. haha

We had hired a taxi for bringing us up to the Alps. We made a deal with the same taxi man to come and pick us up and take us back to the hotel once we were done skiing. On the way home, Steve (or Paul, haha) wondered if we would like to see the view from the Belvédère du Revard over Lac du Bourget . We obviously said yes, and he took us to this unbelievable place. The bridge was made of glass which was covered with ice so it was quite scary to take this picture. By hey, it was soo worth it. I mean, look at it!