Swanage Sailing Trip

I was sitting in Portsmouth for about a year ago. I was having lunch at an Italian restaurant with my colleague, looking out The harbour. When I was sitting there I saw a boat. A tall ship. The ship had the Swedish flag attached to stern. In that moment I remember. I always wanted to sail. To be a pirate, I wanted to be like Pippi Longstocking, sail the seven seas. I had then also heard that my old flute teacher from my childhood and made an amazing sailing adventure. Sailing for 2 months on a huge tall ship, a pirate ship and I got so jealous that I was determined to do the same. However, the years went passed and I forgot. But when I sat there, in Portsmouth, looking out over the boats and ships and I remembered my dream. That day I ran to the closest store where I could buy books about sailing and I have been crazy about it ever since. My dream is now to sail with a boat called 'Bark Europa' from Cape Town in South Africa down to Antartica up to South America. This would take 52 days. However, as I have never even been on a sailing boat I was not entirely sure I would actually like it. So on my birthday last year, Luis decided to get me a sailing trip. A 6 hours sailing trip on a Tall Ship. And yesterday, we finally did it! 

We decided to hire a car on the way down. The public transport looked away to complicated and long. We started our trip at 19:00 and expected to be there at 22:15/:30. But NAH! We arrived at our Bed and Breakfast at 01:45. So many roads work all the way down. As neither I or Luis have ever dived in the UK or on the left-hand side of the road it was very scary, not gonna lie. Especially in the middle of London. 

he morning after we looked at the London Press conference of the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor before we headed down for a shower. Thereafter we went to the closest supermarket to buy food for the day. Turned out that we didn’t need all the things we bought as Luis became super sea sick and wasn’t able to eat at all. The days sailing trip started at 12:00 from the Swanage Pier and were supposed to go to the Isle of Wight. However, due to the wind, the skipper decided to take an  other route. Which we were absolutely fine with as the sentry was beautiful. We went down the Jurassic Coast and back. The weather was coming and going, but generally, it was very nice. I actually burned my face

This day was so beautiful and amazing. I am so happy we did this trip. I know now that I do wanna sail and I do wanna do my 52 days sailing trip one day. So it is time to start saving as it is, well, let's say it is not cheap, haha. This trip was 6h, but they do 2h, 3h, 4h, 5h and 6h like we did. I do recommend the 6h, otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy properly. Except if you become sea sick. Then it would be a problem, haha. You can make your booking with them here

It was amazing to be able to steer a big tall ship. It is hard to make it go the way you want. But it was so very powerful. Being a little, little person steering something so huge. I can imagine the feeling when you steer a huge ship like bark europa. 

Thanks to my sweetheart for making this amazing trip happen. I love you :)