Such a lovely day yesterday. Luis friend Miguel AKA Ketama came as a surprise over to London to spend the weekend with him. I knew about it since Monday and we planned to complete surprise him by walking in whilst he was meeting up another friend at the upper belly festival in Southbank. 

I have not seen him so happy in so long. Totally surprised as he could not expect it at all. No indication what so ever. Apparently, Ketama has been planning this for about a month.

Our other friend Rocio has also come over to London to stay here for two weeks. She used to live in London but decided to move home to Spain again as she got a position as a teacher back in her home town. So we were a whole crew of friends walking around in Southbank and ended up having later dinner at Nandos. It was a lovely evening. But today I am sooo tired. I am so used to be asleep around 22-23. So when I go asleep after that I am a wreck. 

And today I am gonna drive down to Dorset. Oh goosh..