Run, Run, Run.

What a busy day yesterday. Totally Crazy. First I went to Camden Town Hall to send my Passport to the Home Office. But when I came there I realised, as I overheard the guy in front of me, that I have totally misunderstood everything. What I understood was that I needed to send in the copy of my passport to Home Office via the 'Passport return service' in the Town Hall within 5 working days, which is right, but I though it was ONLY the passport. But apparently, it was all my paperwork! Which makes sense! Stupid me not reading the list before I went there. Thank god they have changed the law now and I have 10 working days on me to send in all my documents. So I have now time until next Monday. Then I will definitely make sure I have everything that I need.  

After that, I went to Central to ask my bank to print my bank statement from the last 5 years. (I am not leaving anything uncertain when I send in my documents.) But no, I needed to call and it would take 7 working days for the statement to be sent to me. Which means it would be too late.

Then I went to Desigual to pick up some 'Paperwork' and said hi to Patri, Paco and Aqila. Then the bus home and straight to the doctor. When at the GP the doctor had issues with the computer and I was asked to come back in an hour to get my prescription. But what happens? I was too busy with calling the government regarding my tax and trying to print my bank statements that I forgot to go back. I realised 30 min after the GP was closed. Great job, haha. Hopefully, I will be able to get it today instead. I have a core strength class today as well and I still need to call the government again and try to fix our stupid printer so it actually prints!

I also managed to squeeze in a morning workout this morning. 

Run, run, run... But this is London. I guess this is one of the reasons I love it. Never bored.