Pretty Busy day

Hoppsan Hejsan! Today is a pretty warm day here in London. Putting on some loose black trousers and a rocky vest on my way to Camden. I am gonna have my passport scanned and sent to Home Office as I am currently applying for my Permanent Residency Card. I will also maybe have a quick walk in Camden as my mother sent me a message this morning saying it has been a huge fire there this night. Later today I will also go to my GP as I need to figure out what is going on with my knee. I will demand an ultrasound scan of it as it has been so bad for so long and it never gets better. Last time I was there the doctor looked at my knee, then up at me and said 'Hmm.. I am not gonna be able to look at your knee as your jeans are too tight...' Like what?? 'I can take them off if you like? I am not shy and I have shown worst things for a doctor before.' (I didn't say that, even if I should have)

I was in such a shock that I actually didn't say anything. I just walked away with my printed paper with stretching techniques taken straight from a Google search...which, did not help of course. I had this knee problem since I was 18 years old and today I won't accept anything else than real help. I will keep you updated.

Today I will also start filming the first part of my InstaSmile review video as I am gonna take myself impression. I finally got it after going to post office. Which takes 1h to get to from my house. London may be well connected but it takes ages to get from one place to another.