Yesterday, me and Luis went to dinner with our friends Paco and Rory. We had dinner at a restaurant called 'Iberia' close to Regent's Park. The food there was amazing. Like, unbelievable. I would go there every day if I was a millionaire. Because it was very expensive. My soul died a little bit after the bill came in. Pfff... Anyway, it was worth it. It was so nice to see the guys again and doing so with amazing wine and food just made the whole experience perfect. Now I need to live with the consequences of yesterday's wine. But still, worth it.

Today I will work until 17:00 and after that, I will get my ass into central and see my beloved friend Oscar. For a Swedish 'Fika' haha. I have not seen him in very long as he moved from the country some years ago now to live the life to the fullest and he really did. Check him out here.