Today we have a "sjukstuga" (old Swedish name for a small hospital) in here.This is the first time in a long time that I did not feel good enough to go to work. I HATE staying at home. I always feel such shame over it.

It was not long ago I bragged about never call in sick, and here I am...I decided to eat the only thing I had at home, a salmon sandwich,  which made the animals super excited, haha! They have, adorable enough, been staying with me on the sofa all day long. Even Gizmo (the dog) has been super-chilled, even though he usually is full of energy.

I am gonna have a shower to get some bacteria of me, and then I will take a nap. 

I hope you feel better than me and that you will have a beautiful day whereever you are! 

Puss Puss!