Decoration inspo

I really don't know what just happen, I just suddenly want to get a house here in the south of Spain. haha! I guess I saw some vlogs and some house inspo and I got really inspired. It has been really, really tough for me to move here from my beloved London, and I have been feeling very down. I have been having a lot of anxiety and I have not been knowing what to do. 

However, I also felt this way, when I moved London for 6 years ago. Sad and lonely. But later I was so attached to London and it was very hard to let go. 

Anyway, I have for some reason been looking at house furnishing inspo. I have always LOVED home decoration but, as we only been living in a room for the last 6 years, I have never really had the opportunity. And I have a very stubborn man that likes to be the one in charge of the decoration, and we have two completely different styles ;)

Anyway.. this is some of the images that I found of different house decorations:

Click on the side of the pictures to see the other once :)