It has really been a while now!


I'm so sorry that it has been so quiet from me. If I am gonna be honest it is mostly because I have not been feeling great. I wanted so many things at the same time, so I eventually needed to cool down a little bit.

Not because that was really possible due to life, but at least I tried as much as possible.  At the moment I am in my bed at an Airbnb in a place called La Linea. Its the town just on the border of Gibraltar where I am currently working. I am waiting to move in with my work colleague this Friday. So tomorrow I will move to a hotel for one night and then move to my new room. The two weeks before that I had lived in another Airbnb and been home in Jerez during the weekends.

I will let you know more in details about my weeks a little bit later on. Right now I am in bed and I really need to sleep as tomorrow I will need to wake up very early to leave my stuff at the hotel before I head to work. 

Tomorrow I will tell you all about my really great weekend where we made a super fun charity run :) Good night for now!