White month

Good morning. 

Yesterday I was fast asleep almost all day. We went to sleep around 06:00 after a night out. I was planning to sleep to about 12/13. BUT I woke up at 16:45!! I then had "Lunch" and went back to sleep at 18:00 and slept to 20:15... at least I didn't need to experience a hangover, haha. 

I hate when I waste days. So this month, October. Will be a white month for me. Sober October. Its gonna be hard as everybody here in Spain loves to have a casual drink now and then. But I am gonna do it. 

I have also taken a break from Instagram this month. I have been so sick of "perfection" for a while now, me included. Perfect smiles and selfies, perfect houses and cars, perfect parties and social event. I don't know. Sometimes it's just too much. It is actually not normal for us humans with all these social media. I am actually gonna leave a video here down below, with a message that we should have in mind regarding our social media usage: