It's the middle of October and we can still go in a bikini to the beach! This is just so great!

I and Luis had a truly amazing weekend. Since we moved to Spain we haven't had a single day or even half a day alone, with that I mean, me and Luis alone together. The longest time we really spent together was in the car on the way to the gym. So about 10/15 minutes.  So we decided to organise a little getaway. We have during the course of the summer been to most places in around the province of Cadiz. So after some research, we decided to go to a village on the top of a mountain called 'Vejer'. This is a place that we always saw on the way to Tarifa. It is impossible to miss this all-white village on the top of this mountain when you drive past it. This village blew our mind! We are so in love. I can say with the strongest confidence that this is the prettiest village I have been in Spain! Luis also said the same. All buildings are white, fantastic restaurants and shops. Everything is so artistic and cosy. I would not mind having a holiday home here, no, actually, I would LOVE to have a holiday home here.  This is a place you MUST visit if you are in Andalucia! And if you decide to come here, please, go to the fantastic bar/restaurant and hotel Califa. It will, just like the village itself, blow your mind.