Monkey Friday

I always wanted to see the monkeys on the top of the rock in Gibraltar. I even wrote it down in my blog 2009 or something. So this Friday, me, Luis and Mario made the dream true and headed off to Gibraltar. The original plan was that Luis was driving me to Gibraltar for an interview that I had but I as the interview was postponed to Tuesday we decided to spend the day being tourists. We first headed up to the rock with the cable cars. I first felt very scared and uncomfortable but it was a fine ride. However, I really didn't expect the monkeys to be all over the place the second the car arrived at the top. It really scared the shit out of us all, haha.

Let's not get to close to each other. I don't know who bites the hardest. 

I love the little baby Monkeys. There were two of them. Absolutely adorable I also like the two monkeys I was there with too, haha. We also found this amazing restaurant. I would love to have a date here during sunset. 

I mean!! Look at the babies! Getting fed by mom! I also love daddy monkey. His facial expression says dominance and self-confident, but it also looked like he was the one that wanted most love and cuddles. Look how adorable he looks in the last picture, haha!  

Some of the monkeys were shyer then others, haha. 

After spending a couple of hours with the monkeys we decided to go and see a movie. But we fast change our minds when we saw that they had a bowling alley. Not to brag... But, I won with 35 points. Oh yeah! And last but not the least: Happy birthday Mario! (This was the main reason we still decided to go even if my interview was postponed.)